DIY Autumn Leaves Embellishments with Lindy’s

Hello Lindy’s lovers! Today I want to show you how I made these stunning autumn leaves using cardboard, a little imagination and a lot of Lindy’s.

I drew the leaves myself by hand on cardboard, cut them out, wet them with water to give them shape. Then carefully covered them with white gesso.I painted glossy accents of leaf veins. I made two layers and let it dry completely, and on the third layer I will apply powder for embossing.

I chose Twilight Bronze Slate embossing powder for the vein color.

After the veins were ready and the powder was baked, I began to stain the leaves. The first color is Hag’s Wart Orange Shimmer Spray.

Add a bit of Burnt Umber Vintage Spray and dry it.

Then add some green spots with Squirts Emerald Eh ?!.

And some more Landlubber Green Vintage Spray for a more uniform color.

I thoroughly dried the liquid and got leaves like this. There is a small step left and it will be ready.

I lightly smeared the leaves with embossing ink and sprinkled Golden Angel Wings EP.

Leaves are ready! I just added some decor to them.

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  • Acrylic primer Aturi, Ranger Glossy Accents, paper – Craftpaper, flowers – PastelFlowers, chipboard Scrapiniec.

I hope you enjoyed it and were able to find here something useful for yourself! Thank you for stopping by! Happy crafting, Daria.

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