Lindy’s Gang Swatch Book (and Doodling) with Asia

Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed Christmas, Hannukah, Yule or time with family and that you are ready for my next idea- a swatch book and art journal in one.  This is an amazing way to making your very realistic swatches and adding some personal, journaling touches at the same time.

There are few reasons for doing so: firstly my Lindy’s swatches are quite small and sometimes they do not show perfectly the whole possibilities of colors, especially the ones with a shine. Second, while I am writing this post I am preparing for my Christmas holidays. We are leaving for few days to see our family and since there is not too much place in my suitcases, I am preparing pages in my journal by adding Lindy’s colors and then all I will have to do is to take my journal and few pens with me and just doodle away.  Isn’t that just a great idea? I


  • I added the colors to the pages: in case of Magicals I used left side of the page to add the Magicals by sprinkling them onto the wet page- this way we get the whole spectrum of colors which are included in the powders. On the right-hand side I simply applied powder already mixed with water on the side, this technique lets us get the exact, uniform color.
  • I applied either once or replied colors after drying in between to achieve the beautiful “stains” of colors.
  • After drying I simply did some doodling on the pages, keeping in mind that I do want to see the colors, so this is a journal where I don’t use the stamps or any other embellishments.
  • Every color used is written down on a piece of paper which will be attached to the book afterward- this way I am sure that I will always know which colors I used on which page;
  • I did mix colors together as I like to discover new color combinations, but I still do my best so each of them is clearly visible- hence the name swatches.

Here are some still shots of my pages and below you’ll find a link to the process video:

Link to the video:

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Wishing you all the best for 2020- may it will be filled with love and happiness!



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