Use up those Chipboard remnants in this Mixed media tutorial with Aga

Hello Lindy’s family. Today I want to share with you a bit of my love for cardboard and mixed media with Magical powders, Lindys has so many of them so you can mix colors indefinitely.

The intensity of the color depends on what powder you use and it is fun… However, you must remember when you mixing colors – if you want them to be visible, apply the powders one by one and pay attention to your work.

If you care about the streak effect, you must dry the color layer each time before applying another. I hope the post will be useful and you’ll like this inspiration.

I’m made a video ofo the process so you can see everything.

To create strong opaque white in the cardboard cavity (cardboard’s hole) I used white acrylic pen / marker to reach the difficult places.

The most important thing is that you should choose the color palette well for your work because some are more intense than others.


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  • AB Studio chipboards No 96, AB Studio stencil No 161,
  • Finnabair matte waxes, gel medium and gesso

I hope that my tutorials will provide you with many interesting things that will grab your attention.
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