Lindy’s Color Charts

Hello Everyone! Martina here with you today with one of my favorite things to do – creating color charts and swatches!

You can now download templates to create your very own Lindy’s Color Charts in the Lindy’s Shop or at the bottom of this post!

I totally had to do that as soon as I have found out about that. Besides the fact that I love swatching, I believe that knowing your tools is the biggest game-changer when creating. That’s why I can’t get enough of getting to know them better, I think.


And, because I listen to my friends, I have created a white and a black Lindy’s Color Chart. Nuneka recently opened my eyes for the beauty of our beloved Lindy’s on black Gesso and pointed me to the importance of swatching the colors on black before starting with the project. Because most of the colors appear in a different way when applied to a black surface.

As I was looking for a way to show as many colors on the charts as possible, I have been using my 1″ circle punch to create my basic pieces.

I have been using the white cardstock I usually use for my projects for the white color charts. For the black ones, I have added some texture paste to cardstock and covered everything with black gesso before punching my 1″ circles.


And then?

I took a deep breath and immersed myself in this routine piece of work.


I tried to mix the colors really well before applying to the circles. That’s why I have put some of each color onto my craft mat and applied it from there to the circles.


I tried to keep it nice and clearly arranged by going product group by product group.


When the circles were completely dry, I glued the circles into their squares on the color charts by using a simple glue stick. That was super easy to apply and a relatively clean way to glue that many circles in one go.


These are the black and white Starburst Squirts color charts – The difference is impressive, isn’t it? (again – Thanks Nuneka for making me aware of that!)



Here is a quick view of the Starburst Sprays color charts:


And – after the bottles all have been put away,  the same fun with all the Magicals could start.

Same here: Each color mixed on a non-porous surface before painting it on a black and a white circle.

I highly recommend “serial production”. The moment you swatch one set you can totally swatch some more. You already have everything out of the drawers anyways!


I know this seems to be a lot of work. But it is so rewarding!

Imagine that you can simply pick your color chart when looking for a matching color for your next project?


Lindy’s Color Charts

I hope you are as excited as I am and can’t wait to see how you create your own Lindy’s Color Charts!



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  1. Nuneka always has so many wonderful ideas and is so helpful. I watch all of your YouTube videos too! xoxo

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