Alexandra’s Artist Magical set: Swatching and Doodling with Asia

Hello dear crafty friends! It’s Asia here with another part of my swatching and doodling art journal. Today I am working with a new Magical set- Alexandra’s Artist. As you know by now, Magicals are truly beautiful and funny pigments to work with. When you apply them, the color you’ll achieve depends always on the application, which means that you’ll get different results depending on if you sprayed them on the wet page or diluted them in water beforehand. that’s why it’s so important to do nice, clearly visible swatches. They can help you so much in choosing the right color and the right application method. this is also a great method to choose your paints when you are stuck and do not know what to create- you just go through your stash of magical, adding only one color to the page and then some small embellishments or, like in my case, some doodling.

I do have regular swatches as well- they are always at hand, but there is something magical that is mesmerizing to me and that’s why I look a little bit further and try to create something which can show me their beauty in fullness.

The basic process of creating these swatches is, well, very basic.

  • You need art journal to start your swatches
  • On one page you add water with a brush or sprayer (if you do it with a brush, you can create your own shapes based on the doodles you want to make later), then you take one gorgeous jar of Magicals and sprinkle a tiny bit of the powder over the wet surface.  At this point, you can either add more water to make the powder dissolve a bit better or just leave it be and wait for it to do the work all on itself. I do love to leave the powder not fully diluted on the page, to have tiny “clumps” of powder, which after drying gave beautiful interest to every project
  • To the second page- I always take the page opposite the first one- I will Magical which I diluted already in the water. For that purpose I either use a palette or some scrap acetate or part of my work surface, I add some powder onto it and then add few drops of water and mix well.  Then I apply this paint to the page, either wet already, or dry. After drying you can clearly see the difference in color between your two pages, even though you used one and the same Magical!
  • Last, I doodled the paints, just a little,  as not to cover all the color nuances. After all, they are all swatches, aren’t they?

These are the samples of my regular swatches:

And here are some photos from the Alexandra’s Artists Magical set:


If you would like to learn how to apply Magicals and and how the color can change, please have a look at my new video tutorial (you can also find on Lindy’s YT channel my very first art journal with swatches and see a small flip through- I made it a few months ago).


Lindy’s Gang products used:

Alexandra’s Artists Magical set:

  • Martina’s Marigold
  • Lara’s Wild Malve
  • Andrea’s Azalea
  • Jana’s Jade
  • Karin’s Coral

Other products used:

  • Mini mister- sprayer, Uni ball pens


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