DIY Earrings with Lindys Chunky Embossing Powders

Hi friends! Preeti Datta (Dutt Preety) on the Lindy’s blog today to show you step by step how to create Earrings using Lindy’s Gang Chunky Embossing Powders.

I thought of making something slightly different and quirky while experimenting with heat embossing, that is where the idea for this project came from. This is a super easy technique using very few supplies. It’s lots of fun to do. I have used different colours of Lindy’s gorgeous new Chunky Embossing Powders to show multiple examples, you can also use any of your favourite embossing powders for the same. These earrings can be customized and made as fancy or simple as you want. They make for cute little gifts to give to friends. Instead of earrings, these can be used as charms or embellishments or be used for making pendants, necklaces and bracelets as well!

Basic Process

To begin, collect all the supplies required for making the earrings. Here we will use Lindy’s gorgeous Chunky Embossing PowdersYou Rock and Metal Maniacs along with brass bezels, gel medium, beads, brass eye pins, brass kidney ear wires (or any type of earring hooks), jewelry pliers, wire cutters & a heat tool.

Next, add soft matte gel (or any thick gel medium) to the bezels. Use a good quantity of the gel medium. It is perfectly okay for the surface to be bumpy, in fact, that is desirable. We want to accentuate the textured look. This is the adhesive which will help the embossing powders stick to the bezel and once, heat embossed, it creates a bubbled up, textured look which enhances the look of chunkiness from our beautiful chunky embossing powders. (Wash the brush with water immediately after adding the gel medium or use an old brush for this.)

Now, add the chunky embossing powders to the bezels. The powders will stick to the gel medium. Here, we have used one embossing powder per charm but you can experiment and add different colors as well.

Next, we heat emboss the bezels. While heat embossing the bezels which are metallic and hence, get very hot, I use the back of a canvas board. This makes it easy to hold them for long without burning one’s fingers, also, you can add more embossing powders on top while the surface is bubbling & hot. (Since the chunky embossing powders are quite textured, my favorite tips for heat embossing them are that- I use the Ranger heat it tool which doesn’t blow air too hard, wait for the heat tool to become hot enough before bringing it to the bezel and heat the bottom of the surface, if possible, to avoid granules from flying off.)

While heat embossing the bezels, add more embossing powder as required (according to your liking) while the surface is hot and molten, you can even add glitter, mica flakes, glass glitter, mini stones or beads at this time to pep these up.

Once all the charms are heat embossed and ready, then, comes the final step which is the most fun! Customizing the earrings. Here, we’ve kept the process fairly simple. Take the charm, pierce an eye pin through it, create a loop at one end using jewelry pliers, then add your favorite beads, cut the eye pin with wire cutters and create another loop using jewelry pliers at the top end. Finally, add kidney wire hooks to the charms to convert them to cute earrings.

Here are some photos of the finished Earrings…

Lindy’s Products

Other Products 

  • Finnabair’s Soft Matte Gel, Brass Bezels, Beads, Jewellery Pliers, Wire Cutters, Brass Eye Pins, Brass Kidney Wires and Ranger’s Heat It Tool.

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