Coloring with Lindy’s Embossing Powders with Viktoriya P.

Hi, my creative friends! Today Viktoriya Porechnaya is here and I have some ideas on how to use amazing colorful Lindy’s Embossing Powders.  I am so excited to share with you all my practical experiments for coloring stamped pictures and ephemera.

I have a video to show all kind of coloring tips I used on our YouTube channel.

Some info about what I am making

1) Dimensional rich coloring.

I used Embossing Pen and some layers of different colorful Embossing Powders to add a more alive dimensional look to stamped beetles. It works great with the rich shining tones of Lindy’s EP. For example, Midnight Teal, Twilight Blue Slate, Hydrangea Blue Mauve, Tannenbaum Green Gold, Cleopatra’s Copper, Midnight Copper etc.

2) Transparent Coloring

For this coloring I used Embossing Powders with transparent sheen- then you can see all stamped lines on butterfly picture- Morning Glory Azure, Desert Moon Turquoise, Hibiscus Rose Orange, Geranium Coral Blush EP.

And I used some more thick colors for the sides of butterfly wings and King Midas Gold EP for her body.


3) Coloring layered stamps

If you love layered stamps you can add an additional color layer with Embossing Powder! I used it with Embossing Pad for the final layer to flower and leaf and it looks great.

I used Geranium Coral Blush and  Orbit Olive Gold EP.


4) Coloring Epherma pictures

Finally, I tried to use these coloring ways for ephemera pictures to highlight some details. I used transparent and rich EP and it has different result – Angel Wings Gold and Hibiscus Rose Orange for Girl 1 and Hydrangea Blue Mauve for Girl 2

You need more practice for a better result, but I hope it was interesting for you )

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