Splatter goodness!

Hello my friend!
It’s Evgeniya with you today. I wanted to share with you the best effect you can have on a project: Splatters!
They add the look of texture, interest and fun to any project.
1. Splatter with sprays. Press down on the sprayer with different pressure to get different sized splatters
Flat Fabio Spray (1-2)
Splatter the left made using the left tube of the spray and splatter the right – with a brush.
Starburst Spray (3-4)


Moon Shadow Spray (5-6)
Each type of spray gives a completely different effect.
Also depending on the method of application of the spray produced different size and different shape.
2. Splatter with Magical
7 – magical + water
8 – dry magical + water in spray
9 –  magical + clear medium
10 – magical + white gesso
2. Emboss your splatters for even more texture
11 – Embossing Powder + embossing ink
12 –  Embossing Powder + Water
13 –  Embossing Powder + Spray
 Hope that gives you some new ways to create different splatters on your projects!

Here’s a video:

 Thank you for joining me!
Screenshot 2015-09-13 11.00.32

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