Simple Cards using Stencils and Lindy’s Magicals with Preeti D.

Hi friends! Preeti Datta (aka Dutt Preety) here. Goodmorning, I hope you are having a great week so far.

For today’s post, I’ve created a Few Simple Cards using Stencils & Lindy’s gorgeous Magicals. The technique I’ll share is super easy, I feel it’s good to revisit old techniques which are always fun to do especially when our creative mojo isn’t at a high.
Cards make for wonderful handmade gifts to give friends and family members, so it is nice to have a sizeable stash of greeting cards ready. A few sessions of creative time with Lindy’s beautiful Magicals can yield numerous colorful & patterned panels which can further be converted into cards or tags. We will do the Monoprinting with Stencils Technique, using this, we can get multiple prints by stamping with the leftover colors left on top of stencils.


Let’s get started. We will experiment & play with different color combinations so we will do the same techniques three times to create 3 batches of panels. In the end, we will convert a few of these panels into cards.

Step 1: Gather the supplies required for the first batch of panels. A few rectangular die cuts of watercolour paper, Lindy’s gorgeous Magicals- Pretty in Pink Pink, Alpine Ice Rose & Guten Tag Teal Magical Shakers, a Mandala Stencil, a spray bottle and lots of tissues

Step 2: Place the stencil on top of the watercolor paper panel and then sprinkle a tiny amount of different Magicals on top of the design. It is important to sprinkle on a very tiny quantity because these are highly potent and very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. I often use a fan brush to pick up the magicals from the small pots and while using shakers, I use the tiny holes option to shake the magicals onto the panel.

Step 3: Spray water onto the stencil, it is important to spray from the correct height (about 30cm) and not drench the paper, only spray as much as is required to activate the powders. As soon as these powders come into contact with water, magic happens and it’s like a festival of colors! I love it. It is also important to ensure that the stencil doesn’t shift or move or else the design might get smudged.

Step 4: Now pick up the wet stencil carefully and place it face down onto a second watercolor paper panel, this is essentially the monoprinting with stencils technique where we stamp the second panel with the colors left on top of the wet stencil. This process can be repeated a few times, to create up to 3-4 prints, which makes for great backgrounds.

Step 5: Place a tissue on top of the stencil to gently press it down onto the panel, to get a better impression of the stencil on the watercolor paper panel.

Step 6: These are the 2 panels created in our first batch, the left one is the original stencil design and the right one is the negative impression of the stencil using the Monoprinting with Stencils Technique.

Now onto the Second Batch of Panels. For these, I will use Lindy’s gorgeous Magicals- Aloha Avacado & Summer Lovin’ Sun and Magical Shakers- Grab a Guy Gold and Cathedral Pines Green 

I sprinkle Magicals onto the panel through a geometric design stencil.

Then, spray with water for the magic to happen! Look how wonderfully potent the colors are. If you’d like a toned down, softer version of the colors, just dab off carefully with a tissue or paper towel and the colors become more subtle.

This time instead of lifting the stencil and printing with it, I decided to place my second watercolor paper panel on top of the wet stencil, to make a little sandwich. Just like before, I pressed down with a tissue on top, so I can get a better impression.

Here is the second batch of panels, the one on the left is the original stencil design, the middle one is the First Generation Monoprint with Stencil and the panel on the right side is the Second Generation Monoprint with Stencil (done with the colour still left on the stencil after taking the first print).

Now onto the Third Batch of Panels. For these I will use Lindy’s gorgeous Magicals- Pink Ladies Pink, Cotton Candy Pink & Frenchy Pink Pouf and Magical Shaker- Polka Purple

I sprinkled the Magicals onto the panel through the shell design stencil.

Sprayed with water to reveal the colours.

Print with a second watercolour paper panel placed on top of the stencil.

Step 7: Now that we have multiple colourful & patterned panels, I will convert three of the panels into simple cards by using A2 sized white card bases, paper mats which are slightly bigger in size than the prepared panels, 3d foam tape to adhered the panels onto the card (for added dimension) and word die cuts for the sentiments. I create a shadow effect by first adhering a black word die cut and then a white one on top (slightly off centre), this makes the sentiments stand out against the colourful and busy backgrounds. I use enamel dots in matching colours as an embellishment on each card.

Here are some photos of the finished cards:

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Thanks a lot for your precious time.
Stay Blessed!

Preeti Dutt

I'm Preeti from India. I love paper crafting and mixed media. I enjoy making clean & simple as well as grungy vintage projects. Playing with colours is my happy place.

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