How to make Lindy’s Spray Color Chart Book with Viktoriya

Hi, my dear friends! Viktoriya Porechnaya with you today.

If you are Lindy’s fan like me and have many fantastic Lindy’s Sprays (not only sprays, of course!), you need to know what colors you have. I’ve decided to organize them by colors and have made Lindy’s Sprays Color Chart Book with funny pictures and doodles to keep track of them all.

You can watch my video tutorial on our YouTube channel and see the whole process and play along.

You need watercolor paper, ball pen and brush for drawing and a needle with thread to creating the book

Here are a few of my pages as examples for your inspiration, but you can be free and create your own doodles and images from your own imagination!

Also, I would like to know what colors in my sets so I included pages showing the colors in the Lindy’s packaged sets.

I left empty pages for new color babies and instruction on how to fill the bottles on the back cover

I hope you like this fun idea) And I need to organize my other beautiful jars!

Lindy’s Products for cover


  • You can make your own book using watercolor paper or mixed media paper or purchase a book for use.

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