Beginner Mixed Media Tutorial | Beach Tags with Cindy

Hi Gang! It’s Cindy here and today I’m here to show you guys a new tutorial I’ve created. I thought it could be fun to create a tutorial that is easy to follow, even when you just started creating mixed media art. All you need are a few Lindy’s Gang sprays and some beachy elements like shells, fishnet and beads and you’re good to go!


The Process

  1. Begin with a piece of cardboard that you cut in a tag shape
  2. Use White Gesso to create a base layer
  3. Create Texture using modeling paste and a stencil
  4. Use shells, beads, fishnet, and other beachy elements
  5. Add another layer of white gesso but make sure not to cover everything completely to create a cool white wash effect
  6. Add color, use a color palette if you lack inspiration, and make sure to use darker colors for the shadows and lighter colors for the pieces that are on top of the tag to create depth
  7. Add another thin layer of white gesso to create a more worn-down effect
  8. Add beads, drops, and captions if you like to make some finishing touches

The Video


Close-up Photos

Lindy’s Products

Other products

  • White Gesso, cardboard, shells, fishnet, beads, cheesecloth, gears, text stickers, Nuvo drops, stencil, modeling paste


Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!

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