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Hi Gang! Martina here with another step by step process of an Art Journal page.

I really have been enjoying creating pages in my Art Journal. I love some texture on my pages but don’t want my journal to get too voluminous.

That’s why I am experimenting with different techniques and possibilities like today. Today I am using a leftover piece from die-cutting (they are too pretty to be thrown away oftentimes) and some Lindy’s Chunky Embossing Powder to get some (flat) texture and dimension.


Let’s begin!

In the beginning, I have covered the whole page with Clear Gesso and used the Gesso to glue my leftover piece from die-cutting down onto the page.


I have been making good use of the drying time of my page and have chosen some die-cut florals which I have prepared with a layer of Clear Gesso.


When everything was dry, I started to color my page. I simply sprinkled some green Magical Shaker (Lederhosen Laurel and Cathedral Pines Green) onto my primed Art Journal Page. To get the color moving and spreading it over the area I wanted colored in green, I have been using a water sprayer and a paintbrush.


Before I started moving on with my pinks, I made sure that everything green was completely dry!

To get some pinks in, I have colored the flowers with Oom Pah Pah Pink and Alpine Ice Rose.

I have colored them the same way as I did with the Greens. Simply sprinkle the powder onto the die-cut, spraying some water on and moving the color with a paintbrush.


To make these Orchids a bit more interesting and dimensional, I have used some Of Quartz it is on them.

I tried to apply the Embossing Ink quite sporadic to make it look even more interesting.


Then I added some pink splatters onto the (totally dried!) green to incorporate the color of the flowers into the background.


I decided to add some random black stamping and to stamp my focal point directly onto the page. Since the page was covered with Clear Gesso, the imprint wasn’t that saturated, as I’d like to have it. That’s why I traced it again with a black pen. That makes everything looking nice and saturated.


When I have been gluing my flowers down, I have also added some of the die-cut branches that were cut out of the page. I think they are a pretty addition to the pink flowers and build a nice link to the background.


And that’s it for today!


I have been using:

Lindy’s Products


  • Cut File: Alexandra Renke, Orchid Die: Fantasy Dies and Clear Stamps: Concord & 9th

I hope you liked the process and the result!

Have a great Day!


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