Blow Painting and Splatter Techniques with Lindys Sprays for Simple Tree Tags

Hi friends! Preeti Datta (Dutt Preety) on the Lindy’s blog today to show you step by step the Blow Painting & Splatter Techniques with Lindy’s Sprays. We will use these easy techniques to create Three Simple Tree Tags.

The Blow Painting Technique & Splatter Techniques have been around for many years and are very popular. Here, we will use straws to blow Lindy’s black spray around to create the tree trunks and branches and then splatter with the colorful sprays to make quirky & fun trees with very little effort. Each piece will be unique and different. This is an easy craft activity to try with children. We will use Lindy’s gorgeous sprays but you can also do the same using Lindy’s Magical Powders, Magical Shakers and Squirts. Just dissolve and dilute the powders with a little water and you are good to go. Using these two simple techniques we have created trees but you can use the same ideas to colour stamped images, create loosely water colored flowers or animals, make unique backgrounds etc

Basic Process

To start with, die-cut tags out of thick (300 gsm) Watercolor Paper. (If you don’t have dies, tags can simply be cut using a paper trimmer or scissors as well.)

Now, to paint the tree, first paint a tree trunk using a fine detail brush and Lindy’s Blazing Black Flat Spray. Then, to create branches, use a straw to blow the spray in different directions. Add a tiny drop of the spray and then using the straw blow it, the spray drop will create a thin branch, repeat the process as many times as you like to create a unique and organic looking tree structure.

This is what the tree branches created using the blow painting technique look like. To help the branches go in the direction you’d like, move the tag or straw around. The Paint Blowing Technique using straw is a fun DIY craft activity that kids would love to try as well.

Next, once the black spray has dried, then, we will do the Splatter Technique. The colourful splatter will eventually form our tree foliage. To create the splatter, use a fan brush as well as a small brush. Tap these with another brush and the splatter will fall onto the branches. Using different kinds of brushes to create the splatter yields drops of different sizes and creates interest. Here, we’ve used Poppin’ Pink Flat Spray and Queen of Hearts Red Flat Spray. These trees look very cute as it is and we could stop here as well but we will add some more interest to them in the next couple of steps.

Now, to add additional interest to our trees, we’ll introduce a second color and create more splatter. The spray colors will mix a little and create new colors. While the sprays are still wet, using a detail brush, loosely turn some of the bigger splatter drops into leaves. To create an organic watercolour look, make the leaves imperfect and random. For this first tag, we’ve used Poppin’ Pink Flat Spray and Luminous Lemon Flat Spray. Once the inks dry, using a fine tip black pen, add some doodling. We’ve created a roughly doodled border and added some random details to the tree.

For the second tag, we’ve used Rudolph’s Nose Red Shimmer Spray and Yellow Rose of Texas Shimmer Spray.

For the third tag, we’ve used Queen of Hearts Red Flat Spray and Bells of Ireland Green Shimmer Spray.

Now, color the die-cut hole protectors using the matching spray colors. Here, we’ve used Queen of Hearts Red Flat Spray, Poppin’ Pink Flat Spray and Mango Mania Flat Spray.

In the end, add word stickers to each tag, then adhere them to black mats so each tag has a nice black border, adhere the painted hole protectors and tie strings at the top of the tags. Finish the tags with some additional doodling using a black detail marker.

Here are some photos of the finished Tags…

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  • Sizzix Tim Holtz Tag Dies; Ideaology Word Stickers; Sakura Pigma Micron Pen, Canson Watercolour Paper, Tonic Craft Glue; Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue, Straws & Brushes.

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