Multicolor stamping technique with Magicals by Asia

Hello Lindy’s friends! I hope you are all doing well and are ready for the second part of the multicolored stamping technique. This time, I promise, I will use a few different Magicals which will give at the end gorgeous stamped and super- colorful image. Let’s see how it is done then!

The basic process:

  1. prepare your Magicals- the more colors the merrier! Keep in mind however that some colors once mixed together (and there will be some unplanned mixing happening), will make a mud, so stick to your color wheel while choosing them;
  2. dilute the colors in a bit of water, so they are not too fluid but rather stay in place. The best way to do it is to take a flat plastic pallette or do it on a smooth working surface. The colors need to almost overlapped each other;
  3. dip the stamp into the colors. There are two ways to do that- either you just put the stamp onto the paint, then lift it up and stamp on the page or kind “smoosh it” into the paint and then stamped on the page; If you choose the second option, be averse that this is te moment the paints will mix and if they do mix too much, you will get one color instead of few and you may redo the whole preparation process. For the first stamping I just usually place the stamp on the paint without moving it, for the next ones- I smoosh it.

Let it dry and add other embellishments. And remember that you can use the rest of the paint to add some splatter, which always adds more interest to the project.

Here are few photos of my finished project and you’ll find the link to the process video just below:

Link to the video:

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One thought on “Multicolor stamping technique with Magicals by Asia”

  1. Oh, those colours together look fabulous! I like the simplicity of the look of this, not overcrowded. So pretty! Thank you so much for the video. It’s always wonderful to see the process.

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