Textured Art Journal Page with Lindy’s Magicals

Hello Everyone! It’s Martina here with you today with another Art Journal page for Lindy’s.  Today’s page is going to be a textured one with lots of water to get the colors moving.

That’s why I am starting with a layer of white Gesso.

Directly into the freshly applied Gesso, I am placing a piece of gauze and glueing it down with even more white Gesso.

When the Gesso and Gauze were dry, I have glued some pieces of rice paper down. This time I have been using Clear Gesso – that allows me to keep all the patterns underneath visible but still offers all the benefits of Gesso.

Then, I have been tapping some Magical onto the page…

..and started to move the colour with some sprays of water.

If there are any puddles or spots that I don’t like, I can easily dab it off with a old cotton cloth.But I still keep the colours coming. Painting on some more Magicals and spraying it with water.
To create more movement, I have also tilted the Art Journal around which allows the colour to drip down the page.

As always when it comes to adding lots of colour and working on it afterwards: Don’t forget to dry the layers properly in between!

After the colouring has been done and dried, I have added some dry painting with white Gesso onto the page.

And some Stabilo All Marker marks..

..that can be easily dissolved with water and adds amazing touches to projects!

To include more of that darkness, I have added some black splatters with watered down black ink

and to add some lightness after the darkness, I have glued down some sequin stars to complete the page.

And that’s it for today!

I really hope you liked my process for that page!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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