Outer Space – Out of this World Colors with Nuneka

Hi guys! It’s Nuneka here with the most exciting news ever (at least to me lol).

As you knew earlier this week if you are subscribed to Lindy’s website newsletter (Subscribe here), we have new colors to make your creative life sparkle! Inspired by cosmic stardust, all the unknown mysteries of the universe and northern lights, I have designed a wonderful set called OUTER SPACE.

For sprays fans, there are 5 gorgeous colors, super intense and shimmery, that you can get together in a set, or separately if you want. I imagine you’re going to use your favorite one a lot and you will want it back into your stash!

For Magicals lovers, those 5 colors come together in a set. They’re full of sparkling shimmer and tiny particles of other colors, which is what makes them so magical! The yellow one is super special because even if it doesn’t have the rainbowish effect, it creates a neon-like fluorescent look that will blow your mind.

And I thought we would also need some black and some white pure, intense and divine, to create all kinds of effects in our projects. They’re called Black Hole Black and Milky Way White, and you can get them in individual jars. Do you know what happens when you mix them? That you get the most elegant grey you’ve ever seen.

But why choose one when you can get them all? Find all Outer Space line here.
And what can you do with them? Whatever comes to your mind! Imagination has no limits!! Want to use them all together… then try a super easy northern lights painting on watercolor paper:

  • Wet your watercolor paper, that way colors will blend easily
  • Start drawing some lines with Outer Space Aqua
  • Then add UFO Yellow on parallel lines
  • Use Alien Goo Green to connect the two previous colors
  • Add depth with Galactic Teal, coloring the rest of the sky
  • With Martian Magenta you can create some purple reflections on top of the dark blue
  • Intensify the brightness of the light with Milky Way White
  • Finally use Black Hole Black to draw some tress

You can also use them separately to add an intense touch of color to your project, as I did on these clean and simple art journal pages.


DO YOU WANT MORE? Join us on Sunday 24th! We’ll have LIVESTREAM PARTY on Lindy’s YouTube channel, there will be some surprises and lots of fun. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this. Click the image and set your reminder for the Livestream.

Stay tuned, guys! There is a lot more coming from Outer Space!
See you on Sunday.

Nuneka Box

My name is Nuneka, I'm from Spain and I'm one of the Lindy's Educators. https://www.youtube.com/c/MerakibyNuneka https://www.instagram.com/nuneka__/

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