Abstract Art on Artist Trading Cards with Lindy’s Summer Break Magical Set

Hello lovelies,

This is Monika here with an interesting video tutorial. I love working in different ways with Lindy’s products, so this time I have made my own pastel colors using our new hot release Summer Break Magical Set. These colors are designed by Nuneka and Frau Pony, these are so versatile and perfect for creating any projects with extra shimmery touch. I played with these new colors in a bit different way and mixed them into acrylic paint (white) to do some abstract art on these ATCs.

I’ll show you how to create 6 artist trading cards using Lindy’s Magicals, acrylic paints (black and white) and a few stamps. I have used masking techniques to create these lovely backgrounds for ATCs.


  • Take a cardboard piece (I took cardboard from food packaging) and glue the pieces of paper to cover the whole cardboard piece (I have used shopping bills). Let it dry.
  • Add a thick layer of white heavy gesso to prepare the surface for further artwork. Dry it completely.
  • Now mix the Lindy’s Gang – Summer Magicals with acrylic paint (white) and make new pastel colors. Be gentle while adding Magicals with the acrylic, add a pinch of powder into the acrylic paint – white (you can make darker shades by adding more of the Magicals to the white acrylic paint).
  • Cut the prepared base into 2 ½” x 3” (64 mm x 89 mm) size cards. This is the only rule to create ATCs. The format should be the same for all the cards.
  • Use masking tape to mask the area in between on each card.
  • Add prepared Lindy’s colors with the help of a brush, you can play with the colors as you wish. Dry them and remove the masking tape.
  • Dab the stamp on the black acrylic paint and do random stamping to add more interest (you can add marks and doodles if you like. I kept them simple because I love these pastel colors so much). Dry them completely.

There is a step-by-step tutorial in which I will show how I made pastel colors using Lindy’s Magicals and made these mini art pieces.

Lindy’s Products

  • Magicals: Summer Break Magical Set – Umbrella Drink Pink, Beach Ball Blue, Teenie Weenie Bikini, Dip a Toe Teal and Nuneka’s Purple Popsicle.

Other Products:

  • Liquitex – Acrylic Paint (Titanium White), Camel – Acrylic Paint (Black), Heavy Gesso – White and Mudra – Stamp set.

Thank you so much for giving your precious time, lovelies.



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