Mixed Media Star Heart with Kasia

Hello friends!

Today I wanted to show you how to create an effective, mixed media project in a simple way. You don’t need much. All you need is a base (I chose the heart), several spatial elements (eg resin pieces), white or black gesso and a few sprays.

The more various elements you use, the better effect you will get. Try to make several layers, use large and small pieces. After gluing all the elements, cover everything with white or black gesso. Then spray with Lindy’s mist. Choose two or three colors, it’s enough to get an interesting effect.

When everything is dry – use the white gesso. It is best to apply them with a dry brush, in small amounts. Brush gently on top to emphasize the details. It can be several layers before gesso stops dyeing from the mists.

Here you have a video tutorial, enjoy!

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