XMas Wreath with Pascale B.

XMas Wreath by Pascale B.

Hello Sweeties,

Today I’m up on Lindy’s blog with a new project: a Christmas wreath.

XMas Wreath by Pascale B.

Basic process:

  1. Cut two tags;
  2. Glue the tags on cardboard and ink the edge;
  3. Color some ribbons to attach to the tags with Ponderosa Pines Olive, Frolic in the Forest Black, Cathedral Pines Green, and Mapple Syrup Bronze;
  4. Attach the ribbons and glue the tags to the wreath;
  5. Die-cut branches of fir and holly, berries, and leaves in a watercolor paper;
  6. Color the leaves and fir with Cathedrale Pines Green, My Mojito Green, and Mapple Syrup Bronze.
  7. Emboss small pebbles with Holly Berry Red Gold;
  8. Glue them on the holly berries branch;
  9. Color the berries branches with Mapple Syrup Bronze;
  10. Next, emboss the berries with King Midas Gold EP;
  11. Color the branches with Frolic in the Forest Black;
  12. Glue all the elements of the composition;
  13. To finish, add some microbeads and glass glitter.

Some close-ups:

XMas Wreath by Pascale B. XMas Wreath by Pascale B. XMas Wreath by Pascale B. XMas Wreath by Pascale B. XMas Wreath by Pascale B.

And the video:

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