Mixed Media Journal Cover with Yulianna

Hello Gang! Yulianna Efremova here and I’m so excited to be here and show you another great project as a Lindy’s Master Educator.

For this month’s project, I’m going to show you how to make this Mixed Media Journal cover.  I’ve colored this project with Starbursts from Lindy’s using colors TiffanyLou BlueCathedral Pines Green, Hydrangea Blue to add color to my Cover. You could create a similar piece with your favorite colors or theme.

I wanted to make it easy for you to make something like this yourself, so I’ve filmed a video so you can see just what to do to make a beautiful textured cover like this.


1. I stuck a chipboard on the cover
2. Covered everything with black soil
3. White soil added volume
4. Sprayed Lindy’s
5. Added shadows using the stamp pad
6. Glued rhinestones on the cover
7. Done






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Other Products

  •  Black cover, Chipboard, Sprays, Black gesso, White gesso, black stamp.

I hope you have enjoyed this Cover idea.



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