How to create Lindys color samplers & organise them

Hello Lindy’s fans! Today in these hard times for all I am on the Lindy’s Blog with an idea for color swatching, color mixing and color exploration.  It is simple, relaxing, fun and you will learn a lot about the colors and what you can do with them If my post distracts at least one person from negative thoughts it will be a success for me.   I have always found it a problem to organize my Lindy’s colors because they are so unique, does your desk have a jumble of products, color charts and parts of projects?  If it does then let me show you some ideas for creating and storing color swatches!

Today I will focus on Magicals powders. As you know these powders are magical and because of this they need magical samplers.

This is a very big difference between the raw color and the activated color (ie between dry and when water is added) and even more difficult when you have all the colors sorted in a color picker or storage box. Every time I sat at my desk I had a mess in my head because I never knew which one to choose and I had a mess in products. This has changed recently… I have moved to a new place and I have my own small room in the attic where I have everything tidy like it should be.

Except when I create on the desk then there is total creative disorder 😉

I do my color swatching work in two ways: first I make a swatch of each set and then I sort them by colors.

Create a color swatch card for each Lindy’s Magical set, on the card paint swatches of each color and write down the names, like I have done below for the Alexandra’s Artists set.

I will make one sampler today in a short film, in which I will show you how to get different tones of colors from one powder.

For the second swatch card, I mix up the powder with water separately to activate it. Then I put the water on the palette and tone the color adding more color each time so the color samples show the differences you can get just from one color.  I’ve added a few samples below.

This is the method you should try with each color to find out what possibilities each powder has in it. See what effect I got by toning one color set – Hawaiian Islands, isn’t it beautiful?

Create two separate cards for each set – once showing the colors in the set and the other showing the shades of each color that you can create by adding more water or more color.


It’s very important for me that the samplers were made on good quality and predefined with all-white watercolor paper.

Then I am sure that the colors are not distorted. If you use gently yellow watercolor paper the colors will be slightly muted and a bit sad. I put my samplers in a box which always stands on my desk and I can reach for them at any time.

Once complete you can store your swatch cards in a cute little cardholder or tray on your desk so they are in easy reach and you can flip through to see the colors or be inspired!

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I hope this has been an idea that you enjoy,


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