How to imitate a metallic surface with Lindy’s Gang sprays


Hi mixed media gang! Anastasia is here and this time I would like to show you my way of creating a surface that imitates a metal one. I have experimented with the copper surface, which I tried to make old and patinated, so I used brown, orange and blue colors.

Basic steps

๐ŸŽฌ Watch the full process in video tutorial at the end of the post

Painting the box
1. Take bases of the box
2. Emboss stamps you like with Twilight Blue Slate embossing powder
3. Apply Cattail Copper Brown spray and add a few stains with Tears On My Pillow Tangerine spray
4. Dry it a little and apply Buccaneer Bay Blue spray on the edges
5. Add Shabby Turbine Teal Magical from Industrial Chic set on wet places and add a bit water if it necessary
6. Apply Incandescent Copper spray and dry all very well
7. Take the inner parts of the future box and paint them with Shabby Turbine Teal Magical
8. Apply Incandescent Copper on the edges
9. Dry all very well
10. Glue two parts of the box lid together, repeat it with bottom parts of the box

Preparing of decorative elements

1. Color flowers with Shabby Turbine Teal Magical and Tears On My Pillow Tangerine
2. Use mix of these sprays to color other elements
3. Add Twilight Blue Slate embossing powder on flowers
4. Cover plastic elements with Clear Gesso and color it with Cattail Copper Brown, Tears On My Pillow Tangerine, Shabby Turbine Teal and Twilight Blue Slate embossing powder
5. Decorate top of the box and and store wonderful photos of this summer in it

Video tutorial:

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See you soon!

Anastasia (aka nastyalena)

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